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  • Lorenzo Salvatori, 'IROL' was born in San Marino on May 24, 1993. In his young age he quickly recognizes the taste of poetry, music and improv skills above all, around 2007 he gets into Hip Hop hanging out at gigs and following rap artists on the web, he immediately falls in love with Rap and takes part in several freestyle battles (Tecniche perfette, End of The Week, Rap Zone etc) at first in his local area then around Umbria, Toscana and Emilia Romagna, sharing the stage with some of the biggest exponents of the Italian Hip Hop/Rap scene. He gets to know various musical entities and with one of them (BigThingsMusic, independent label) in 2010 records an 8-track EP entitled 'Perso Nel Tempo' (�Lost In Time�), together with Smith (producer) and Filippo Mozone (graphic artist). After many journeys and on-stage experiences, in 2013 he releases his 16-track album �Stato Mentale� (�State Of Mind�) featuring Smith, Oder, Pastel Case, Gian Flores, Word. He frequents the local scene and often shares the stage with artists like Bioshi Kun and Eron, joining the K-Rimini United Artists collective too. His new EP �Distanze� (�Distances�) will be out on November 20, previews and videos coming soon.


  • KD-ONE is a rapper/producer and DJ based in Rimini. He started his music adventure playing guitar and singing for local bands, experimenting different genres such as stoner, rock and funk, until he uncovered his true calling and passion for hip-hop and beat making. Around 2005 KD-one started producing from his home-based studio but it wasn't until 2013 that he actually started releasing tracks and EP. In the summer of 2013 KD-one teamed up with a bunch of local mcs to form the KALI BLACK crew, and in July 2014 they released their first EP 'KALI TAPE Vol.I', recorded and mixed by Kali back studios (mastered by BlueBerry studio). Thanks to the EP the crew started gaining popularity and KD-one started growing his reputation for beats and rhymes as well. In December 2014 KD-one released his very first EP called 'SO COSA HAI PASSATO'(I known what you've been through'), written and produced by KD-one at the Kali Black studio, and featuring Word, Torso, Dosher and 4/20. The album gathered a popular acclaim as well as a very positive review by KD-one is still out and about, working on new tracks and experimenting new ideas.